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                                            About Me

I am an ISTQB certified QA professional with around 11 years of full software development & testing life cycle experience for Web, Windows and Mobile applications from initiation and definition to deployment and support. 
I have extensive working experience in implementing the automation strategy via developing, coding and executing automated script using automated tools such as Selenium, Java, HP UFT, VB scripting, Test Complete, JavaScript, Cucumber, Gherkin, Maven, Ant, TestNG, SoapUI, Jenkins, Docker, GIT, Jira, JUnit, Appium, Soap UI, Postman, REST Assured, Confluence,  BitBucket and many others.
Currently i am working as Senior QA Technical Consultant with TL Consulting Group at Sydney. You can connect with me through Contact Me section on the bottom of this page.





  • Automation Testing expert with diverse tools and technologies. Expertise in Web Automation, Mobile Automation, Performance Testing, API (WebServices Testing), Automation Testing Frameworks. 

  • Hands- on experience for ETL verifications, from extracting data to transforming and loading in DB. Used to write complex SQL queries (in Oracle DB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL) for ETL verifications.

  • Using tools such as JMeter, LoadRunner & Fiddler to Execute Benchmark, load, stress and other non-functional tests. Monitor application, determine servers & databases behavior.

    Facilitate the resolution and necessary follow up with Dev and other teams.

  • Designing, Developing, Enhancing & customizing Mobile Automation framework using Appium, which was later used by whole organization for many clients.

  • Learning and Exploring Robotics Process Automation Technology.


An Insight

My personal interests include:

RPA technology, that possesses Artificial Intelligence capability to handle huge voluminous, repetitive tasks that was earlier performed by humans.

Deep Learning, It's an exciting time for machine learning and I'm obsessed by the potential of this.

I'm working through several online classes, and swap articles with colleagues to understand them. I have plans to implement it in my ongoing project.

Meanwhile, i am acquiring the knowledge of Python programming as well.

Apart from my professional curiosity, I like exploring new places, so far i have been to more than 30 countries. Photography and Yoga are another thing i love.


CURRENT JOB (WooliesX- Sydney)

  • Playing a mixed role of Team lead and Technical Architect for project. 
  • Working mostly on designing, creating, maintaining automation framework and automating test cases.
  • Performing Web Automation, Mobile Automation, Performance Testing, API Testing and ETL testing.


  • Developed a website for Finance team, that will help them to attest monthly expenses through this portal.
  • I write about software testing tools and technologies. You can visit my blog through the Blog link in this page header.


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December 2010- India


Started my professional journey with Cognizant Technology Solutions as Programmer Analyst.

Got a chance to pursue my passion for Development in Software Testing.

During my tenure with the company i worked with major clients like Lloyds Bank, Wells Fargo, Pearson Education and Union Bank of Switzerland.


April 2014- Singapore


By reason of my automation expertise, i got an opportunity to move to Singapore in April 2014 for designing and implementing Mobile Automation Framework for Union Bank of Switzerland. 


December 2014- Singapore


Following 4 years in Cognizant, i switched organization and started working for DBS( on the payroll of Helius Technologies) .

Among my major job responsibilities were:

  • Plan, manage and conduct end to end testing activities from test preparation to test execution and maintenance.
  • Develop, execute and maintain automated tests, keep stakeholders informed and report the progress, risks, issues and defects etc.
  • Performance test plan and strategy preparation, script design and execution, monitoring and reporting using Load Runner and JMeter tools.

May 2016- Singapore


Switched to TD Securities.

Fantastic learning in this organization.

I got to improve my technical skill-set largely over here.

Some of the tools and technologies i used during my working here are:

UFT 12.02 , Java 1.8, Selenium 3.14, Cucumber 4.7, Appium 1.15, LoadRunner 12.60 , JMeter, Fiddler, HTTP Watch, HTTP Fox, SOAP UI, POSTMAN, REST Assured, GITHub, GIT, BitBucket, Confluence, Jira, ALM 12.2, Jenkins 2.190, Ant 1.9, Maven 3.0, Apache Tomcat 9.0, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Java, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, Docker, Zalenium, Elastic Beanstalk, ASW EC2, AWS CloudWatch, Spring Boot  and much more. 



January 2020- Present Day


Currently i am working with TL Consulting Group as Senior QA Technical Consultant at Sydney- Australia.


So finally who am I ?


An ISTQB certified Automation and Performance Testing expert with diverse tools and technologies, that includes Web Automation, Mobile Automation, Performance Testing, API Testing, DB Testing, ETL Testing and Framework design. 


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                                               Raghwendra Sonu

                  Senior QA Technical Consultant